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Strategic Workplace Advice

Available Online

A strategy and support to work through a tough situation

Service Description

Let's face it: Working in an international organisation can be hard. Sometimes things don't go as expected, and you don't know how to proceed when you are facing a complex situation that has real consequences on your personal and professional life. I am here to help guide you and to provide you the support of a friend to help get you through any situation you are facing. Don't hesitate to write me in the contact box below or book directly so we can rapidly address your concerns in all urgency. Examples of counsel that we can work on together: * Managing workplace conflicts in international and intercultural environments
 * How to have tough discussions with a subordinate or a line manager
 * Help formulating and sending effective emails to set boundaries when a colleague, subordinate, or hierarchical superior is not respecting them
 * Email support to get you through a tough period of your life 
 * Effectively bringing an informal complaint to the administration in an Organisation and making sure you are heard
 * Workplace seminars for managing conflictual situations in intercultural environments
 * Advice on how to create a more international, gender-neutral workplace as a manager working in an international organisation
 * Suggested resources for legal and psychological support during a conflictual situation Examples of clients whom have been counseled in the past: -Individuals preparing for entry into the OECD -Colleagues dealing with a tough workplace environment in an IO, such as the OECD

Cancellation Policy

To cancel, please note that you may only do so no later than 72 hours from your appointment time. You may only cancel once, otherwise I reserve the right to retain payment without delivery of services.

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