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Strategic Career Advice

Advice on getting hired in an IO and the coaching to get you there.

Service Description

If you are looking for help landing your dream job in an international organisation and would like some peace of mind around the recruitment procedure, then look no further. I will work with you to discuss your goals, and identify a strategy so that you can land your ideal position, whether that be as a trainee, consultant, or member of personnel. We will work together to help prep you for an upcoming interview (where applicable) as well as work on your CV and cover letter so that you are putting your best foot forward. Comprised in this offer is an initial, one hour appointment, as well as an evaluation of your CV and cover letter. If you have already started a recruitment, we can tailor our first meeting to reflect your needs. Examples of points that we may discuss in a meeting together based on your needs: * Step-by-step guidance from finding job openings corresponding to your qualifications and experience to signing your offer letter
 * Developing your resume, tailored to the job profile of interest * De-stressing the interview process in an international organisation * Aid in the preparation of your cover letter and job file 
 * English-language coaching to help best prepare you for your interview * Preparation for an interview within an international organization
 * French-language coaching and tips to help you put your best foot forward Please note that your consultation will be tailored to your needs and specific career goals. After booking, I will reach out to you via email with a questionnaire and a request for documents so I can get to know you better. The idea is that we are able to get the ball rolling as soon as we start our appointment together. Once our meeting is effectuated, should you like to further refine your CV and cover letter in view of receiving an additional round of feedback from me, you will have two weeks following the consultation within which you may submit your updated documents to me by email. Examples of clients whom have previously booked with me: - Mid- to senior-career professionals in the private or public sector looking to transition to an IO -Young professionals looking to specialise in a policy area within an IO -Post-graduate and Doctoral students looking for their first job opportunity within an IO -Master's level students looking for an end of year internship or first job opportunity Disclaimer: Please note that, upon booking, you understand that I do not guarantee employment.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel, please note that you may only do so no later than 72 hours from your appointment time. You may only cancel once, otherwise I reserve the right to retain payment without delivery of services.

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